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Fireplace Pre-shipment Inspection Check Criteria
4.1 Packaging and Labelling
4.2 Packaging Contents
4.3 Product Aesthetic Inspection
4.4 Electrical Tests
4.5 Functional Checks 


4.1 Packaging and Labelling
- Is the packaging dry, clean and tidy and free from damage?
- Is the product packaging labelled as per the drawing in Appendix (C)?
- Are all labels securely affixed to the carton?
- Is all print clearly legible
- Do the two product barcodes scan correctly?
- Are the cartons securely fastened?
- Are the two plastic carton carrying handles securely fitted so that they support the carton weight without damaging the cardboard, when the carton is lifted?

4.2 Packaging Contents
- Check that the pack contents are all present as per Appendix (D)
- Check that the design of the remote control is as per Appendix (E)
- Check that the Warranty booklet and User and installation booklet are present and are presented in black envelope
- Check that literature of high quality, clean, tidy and legible. Check that the issue status of the literature is Issue (A)
- Check that the mains lead is black, 1.5m long and has no obvious signs of damage.
- Check that the mains lead fits in the plug on the RH side of the product

4.3 Product Aesthetic Inspection
- Although the outer case of the product is not visible one the product is installed, It must be free from obvious scratches and mechanical damage which may result in a customer complaint or rejection when the product is unpacked and being installed
- Product to be free from corrosion or rust
- Check the front plinth rail and the side infill panels are present and correctly fitted with the right number of screws as per the photographs in Appendix (F).
- Check the rear and bottom of the appliance as per the photographs provided, in appendix (F), in particular that the screws are present and are blunt ended screws not pointed
- Check that the edges of the front and side glass windows are aligned without major overlaps or gaps, as per the photographs in Appendix (F).

4.4 Electrical Checks
- Check earth continuity test on all exposed (unpainted) metal work is less than 0.1 ohms.
- Check high pressure electrical (Flash test). The flash test should be performed at a voltage of 1375 volts for 2 seconds.
- Check Withstand voltage test Insulation resistance (IR). The I.R. dial should read a minimum of 20 mega ohms
- Check power consumption at high and low setting.
o low setting should be 700W +/- 10%
o High setting should be 1400W +/- 10%

4.5 Functional checks

Contact us for more function check details.